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Mac OS X Leopard Wallpapers

Mac OS X Leopard, the best operating system of Mac until this date, has some cool wallpapers. The new OS comes with “space themed” wallpapers. Now you don’t have to be a Mac user or have purchased Leopard to be using these wallpapers. Thanks to some user contribution over at deviant art, here are some new wallpapers from Mac OS X Leopard.

Space – This space wallpaper comes as default on Leopard desktop.
space wallpaper

Time Machine – When you activate your time machine, this will be the default theme.
time machine wallpaper

Ultimate Vista Wallpaper


We at projecttres want to show you as soon as we discover this cool Windows Vista wallpaper. It’s not the scenery type but rather the dark cool type for hips who like cool desktops. The name of this wallpaper – Vista Ultimate, it comes in range of resolutions (with and without logo).

Without more say, let’s do the downloads.

Windows 7 Wallpapers

windows 7 wallpapers

Vienna or better known as Windows 7, something we will not see anytime soon has some unofficial wallpapers. These wallpapers are created by Long Z and they are made available at Deviantart. Wallpapers come in widescreen resolutions of 1680×1050, 1920×1200 as well as some small regular resolutions.

PhotoVista Singapore Vista Wallpapers

singapore vista wallpaper

PhotoVista is a competition thrown in Singapore last December with the goal towards searching more graphics to be used as wallpapers for Windows Vista. winners of each category receives prizes ranging from $2000 worth of computers to software packs that worth $1000.

Results were announced, winners are prized but the wallpapers remained free. Here are some of the wallpapers that won out, and downloads are of course, free.

Download these wallpapers now.

Windows Vista wallpapers with a touch of the nature

 nature vista wallpaper

We’ve mentioned about few cool wallpaper sites for Windows Vista, and here more, with a touch of the mother nature. Brajeshwar brings you more Windows Vista wallpapers in high resolution, most of them nicely done with close shot of nature elements like leaves, water drops, etc.

Worth a look for those who like nature wallpapers.

More scenery wallpapers for your desktop

scenery wallpaper for desktop

How about more scenery wallpapers for your desktops? Over at Darwishh’s flickr account, they are tones of nice scenery wallpapers free for downloads. It says free for Windows Vista, but we’d say it’s good to go for any operating system because the wallpapers are high-res and it’s nice. More high resolution wallpapers can be found on the author’s website.

Official Windows Vista Wallpapers for download

official vista wallpapers

You don’t need to be using Windows Vista to enjoy the high quality wallpapers that comes with Vista. Over at neosmart.net, there are lots of high res Vista wallpapers. All these high resolution wallpapers are official, originally from Windows Vista. Now who says Vista wallpapers don’t look good on Ubuntu?

More than 6500 free Windows Vista Wallpapers


Getting enough vista wallpapers? We hope not, because there is more to offer at vistawallpapers.com. Over at the website, more than 6500 wallpapers are made free, nicely categorized into 172 folders. They are plenty of high resolution wallpapers among them, so if you like to change your desktop wallpapers occasionally, jump on to the website and take a look.

5 Free Adobe CS3 Wallpapers

5 Free Adobe CS3 Wallpapers

Thanks to the kindness of Terry White, the producer of video podcast in Adobe CS3, we now get to download 5 nicely design Adobe CS3 wallpapers for free, each name respectively as Design Premium, Web Premium, Production Premium, Master Collection, as well as CS3 Creative License. Resolutions varies from 1024×768 to 1920×1440.

Download Adobe CS3 Wallpapers.

16 Free Vista Wallpapers

16 Free Vista Wallpapers

Tinkupuri came out with collection of really nice Vista Wallpapers. There are 16 wallpapers in the whole collection, separated in 3 different categories – Vista Curves, Silky Embossed and Corporate Clean. Wallpapers are distributed in high resolutions of 1600×1200 and 1920×1200.

Download these wallpapers now.