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33 Countries Flags in PNG Format


Looking for flags of different countries? Mayosoft might not have it all, but there’s 32 countries and 2 communities, all free to be downloaded and use. These flags comes in .PNG format and as big as 256×256 in dimension.

Download these flags now.

World Map in Vector Formats


It isn’t very easy to find a world map especially when you need them in high resolution. But in case you are looking for a world map or globe image, webresourcesdepot has got few in vector format. The advantage of vector format is, you can scale them to any size you want without losing the quality of the image. These vector world map comes in different colors, download them now.

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Free Vector Businessman Silhouettes


Looking for businessman or business related cliparts for your design or presentation, here’s something you might want to take a look at. Folks at Snap2objects released some free vector businessman silhouettes. These free vectors comes in format of .swf, eps, svg and wfm.

Click here to download them now.

Free Boomboxes Vector Files


Want to give your design a funky retro look and feel, folks at Snap2Object has released a set of 21 free vector boomboxes that you can download for free. These free vector files comes in 2 high resolution format, EPS and SVG.

Download these boomboxes vector files now.

Free stock images at Dreamstime

free stock image

Designers, webmasters or anyone who cares more than enough about free high resolution images, here’s a good website that provides high quality stock images and photos for free – Dreamstime. The website comes with a search engine, and downloading these free stock images are just a registration (its free) away.

Free to use images at Yotophoto

 free to use images

Yotophoto offers free to use images; that meanz you don’t have to pay for images used at your personal website or design. In 3 easy steps you can download images from Yotophoto and use them right immediately.

3 steps in using Yotophoto images

  1. Locate the images you want to use
  2. Verify the license conditions
  3. Use the image, comply with any conditions.

Free Stock Photos and Images at Stockvault

stockvault free stock photo images

Stockvault offers more than 7800 free stock photos and free images in their gallery. Images are properly arranged in folders, you can find almost any type of images there. These images are free to be used on personal sites as well as educational projects. A free stock photos and images site worth visiting for designers.

Free Stock Images with Stock.xchng

stock photo
You are looking for high resolution images online for your printing design but you may come to notice that most of these high resolution images require payment. Here’s a stock photo site that tells you otherwise – Stock.xchng is a free stock photography site. It has tones of high resolution images very suitable for web design or even printing usage. Stock.xchng comes with search engine to make your searching of images even easier. A site designer will not want to miss.