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Convert Any Websites into Wireframes

We start web designing by creating the wireframes. But do you know wireframes can be created by referring to other websites?

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JavaScript Framework for Mobile and Touch Devices – DHTMLX Touch

As we are moving progressively into a world a touch-based navigation, designers and developers are striving to make sure websites created are touch-proved. Good news is – supporting touch user experience on our existing websites are not as hard as we think.

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Free PHP based Job Board – Jobappr

Jobappr is a simple PHP/MySQL based  job board you can install for your website, blog or forum. Setting it up is easy and it’s few steps away for getting a job board up and running. Continue reading →

Compare Different Fonts Online – Font Comparer

FontComparer is a very nifty online tool that allows you to compare among different font types as you type in. It gives you a clear idea of the different font; you can even tweak the font color, background color, or even add text shadows to it to get the effect you want.

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Opensource Project & Issue Management Tool – Vermis

Vermis is an opensource management tool for software developers and project managers. It is written in PHP but it can be use on Windows, Linux or Mac.

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Free Code Editors for Smartphones – Touchqode

A good news for those of you programmers and designers who code on the go. If your inspiration decides to kick in in the middle of nowhere, Touchqode will come in handy.

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Converts Font Online – FreeFontConverter

Downloaded a free font from the Internet but the format is not compatible? FreeFontConverter may be your savior. FreeFontConverter is an online service that allows you to convert font formats without the need to install any software or application on your computer.

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Free Ecommerce CMS for Drupal – LiteCommerce

LiteCommerce is a free open source all-in-one e-commerce CMS with tons of ready make extensions for your Drupal powered website. Continue reading →

Create “Privacy Policy” For Your Business Online

Having a privacy policy page on your website is essential, and if you are thinking to create one right from the scratch – here’s something to ease the job. Continue reading →

Create CSS Sprites Online – Spritebox

Create CSS sprites can be sometimes difficult if you are not CSS/HTML literate. Dealing with position of the icons and images can be tedious. Good news is – it has been made easy and even if you don’t understand CSS much, it can be easily created. Continue reading →