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jQueryUI Icons Cheatsheet

Looking for the ultimate reference for all icons and symbols of jQuery UI? Here’s a good one to add to your collection.

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Free Icons Everyday – IcoTrip

Free icons anyone? Project IcoTrip attempt to prove that there is, indeed, free lunch in this world. At least in the design industry. Folks at IcoTrip design and distribute one free icon each day and you are free to download any of them.

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Tab Bar Icon Packs – AppBits

Beautiful and carefully crafted by Darran Morris, this pack of 64 pixel-perfect  tab bar icons is suitable to go into the tab bar of your application.

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Free Sweet Icon Packs – iconSweets

iconSweets is set of free icons created by YummyGum. It consists of more than 1000+ icons, all in vectors, compatible for Photoshop.

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Free Iconographic and Symbols – The Noun Project

The Noun Project has a vast collection of 1-color iconographics or symbols you can download and use it for your own projects.

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Customize Your Website Icon – X-Icon

X-Icon Editor is an HTML5 application (based on <Canvas>) that allows you to create high resolution icons that lets your sites shine with IE9. Continue reading →

Beautiful CSS3 Buttons – WeLoveButtons

With all the hype about CSS3 and HTML5, it’d be nice to insert some CSS3 into your next website project. How about a CSS3 buttons? Continue reading →

Free Gesture Graphic Packs – GestureWorks

As touch devices are blooming like hot mushrooms in the technology industries, it makes perfect sense that user guides, faq and other documentations are illustrated with the help of gesture images to help end users understand better. Continue reading →

Grayscale Social Icons in PSD – LinkDeck

Created by Daniel Eckermann, Linkdeck is a free icon pack released under Creative Commons Attronite 3.0 license. It comes in 38 icons, 5 different sizes in Photoshop PSD format.

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Get Official HTML5 Badge

If you are designer or developer, chances are you’ll heard of the term HTML5 often. If you have already start designing your websites in HTML5, it’s time to wear a badge on the website, telling the whole it is powered by HTML5.

Officials of HTML5, W3.org has come out with an HTML5 logo and badge. Feel free to download.

Visit W3 to download HTMl5 logo.