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Bimp Lite – Simple And Easy Batch Image Processor

Bimp Lite as told from its name, which is a small and simple batch processor for image files. It can rename or replace “space and underscore” from various of your sequential image files. And also does the works of mostly functional modifying your images. A freeware that suitable for home users or web developers output to FTP server.

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Pixillion Image Converter Of All Image Formats (Including PDF)

This freeware has a few incredible features likes it gives you the right-click menu on any of the images which then can been modified on the fly. Indeed, Pixillion will have you converting all the images between any file formats, including pdf. And one more thing, this is a completely free software too!

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Photo Drop – Free Application For Modifying A Batch of Images

This is a free application for Mac OS X users and this is a really useful for modifying a ‘folder’ of images just as simple as drag-and-drop. Technically, Photo Drop allows you to create “droplets”, which then can resize, convert, crop, and rotate the images easily.

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The Gimp – A Manipulating Tools

If you have not really heard of this, you probably missed out the best part of manipulating images is never so easy. The Gimp does the work likes resizing, cropping, altering colors, removing unwanted features, converting files format, etc. And the most important, this software is available for free to everyone who wish to replace Photoshop. If you are just lack of creativity on graphic design, but just need some ability to manipulate the images on your site. This is the best software for you.

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Grab Any Color On Your Screen with ColorPic

This incredible color picker may look simple but it does all the works which web developers need. Clicking anywhere from your screen or any color from the images will return its color value into hex or decimal up to 16 colors at one go. That’s not just it, ColorPic comes with magnifier attached for grabbing the color on your high resolution monitor.

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Real Painting Software at ArtRage

If you have a tablet PC or graphic tablet for best idea, you should definitely give this a try. Although it works with controlling the mouse, but may not feel much of sensitivity as tablet’s pressure. This is a beautiful unique software that let you draw on virtual canvas. The size of installation file is 7.84MB.

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Google SketchUp – A 3D Designing Tool For Free

Google SketchUp is a fully functional 3D program which easy-to-learn for everyone designing with just a few simple ‘sketching’ tools and skills. Sketching all the way to create any objects in 3D form on the fly. And of course, there are few tutorials and online training classes provided by Google. Everyone can design now!

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74 Grungy Photoshop Brushes Set

A free set of 74 grungy Photoshop brushes designed by Silvia Bukovac Gasevic from resolution 69 – 2463 which compatible with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and latest version or even can be used in Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP and Paint.NET too. With this free tools set, professional and Photoshop designers do not really have to pay a penny anymore, while we are here spreading out the tools set for free!

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Desktop Application to Share and Edit Photos -TwinsVisions


TwinVisions is free Windows software that helps you to manage and share your photos. TwinVisions allows you to navigate photos in a impressive 3D view; it also supports moving and editing of photos. To share photos, TwinsVisions make it easy to connect to Flickr account where you can further polish the photos by adding tags, notes and comments.

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Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes Pack

photoshop grundge

As the web 2.0 design is slowly fading away from the Internet, it’s the grudge style coming in to takeover. It is absolutely fine if you are not good in designing grunge style with Photoshop, here’s a Grunge brush pack with more than 1000 brushes in it. All you need to do is mix and match.

Download Grunge Photoshop brushes pack.