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Create Grids of Your Choice in Photoshop – Modular Grid

Grid is not only important in coding and structuring a website, it can be extremely useful at the early stage during the designing in photo editing software like Photoshop too. Modular Grid Pattern is an application that helps you create modular grid easily in modern photo editing applications like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Fireworks, and Microsoft Expression Deisgn.

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Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Designers

Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Web designers is a collection of helpful and useful suggestions for you to organize your Photoshop layers so the transferring and sharing process can be simple. Continue reading →

BeFunky Cartoonizer Recreate Your Images In Funky Way

This is a really simple tool to recreate your images in a funky way. All you have to do is upload your own image and let the tool convert it into a comic style animated cartoons. There are more funky ways to be discovered such as, convert videos into cartoons, enhance cartoonized avatars, warp tool, sketching, and so forth. This incredible funky tool can easily boost your creativity that coming up from your minds.

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Photoscape – All-In-One Photo Editing Software For Free

This is an all-in-one photo editing software that let you fix and enhance your image files. The features cover up the common work on your image files likes Viewer, Editor, Batch editor, Page, Combine, Animated GIF, Print, Splitter, Screen Capture, Color Picker, Rename, Raw Converter. We believe that once you have this Photoscape, you probably do not need anything else. File size: 14.08MB Get it now!

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36 Types of Abstract Brushes for Photoshop

It is unreal and also abstract. Today we have found a total of 36 different types of abstract brushes set for Photoshop’s designers. Fractal flame, phobia, hyper, vector line-dots, limit stream, bitter, etc… All these types of brushes would be able to create your fantasy world on the fly!

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Photo Batch Processor for Free – Phatch

As the slogan told you, “one click is worth thousands of photos”, which is an open source batch photo editor. What it can do? Just like any common works which you would like to, resize, rotate, perspective, rounded corners and so many other features that most designer preferable. And of course, it also cover most of all the image formats. Last but not least, Phatch is working for Mac, Windows, and Linux as for free! Try it now and you may find this could be the right choice for you.

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100 And More Grungy Brushes For Photoshop

If you are not satisfied of our previously released grungy brush, we have discovered more than you need at brushking.eu. Hurry and get the work done!

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10 Or More Photoshop Brush Grungy Frames

As more and more free grungy brushes releasing for today’s web 2.0 creativity out there. So, we do not have to really leap into Photoshop as here we have more than 10 brushes tool set for designer. All we have to do is a simple mix and match. Grab them now at here.

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Create Your Own Userbar Online Now

Some of us may still not common in Adobe Photoshop and wishing to get graphical cool stuff. What about let other freeware do all the works for you? You can now generate your own signature user bar for free to put up on anywhere you wish to.

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Photoshop Brush Tools For Border & Corner by Stockudith

Nice brush always give us a really handy works on Photoshop. This brush tool sets works from PS7 and above which is more to a nice touch of gothic scripture. Please refer back to our ProjectTres.org and there are over 500 brush tool sets out there which will be keep updating soon.

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